Porsche 911 Turbo

Thank you Painless Auto for trusting us with a precious Porsche 911 Turbo for a multi-point inspection and tire & wheel balance. This Porsche is in optimum condition and just needed a revision with our excellent techs.

911 Porsche Carrera S

Thanks Painless Auto for trusting us with yet another beautiful 911 for detailed inspection and reconditioning! This Carrera S 6MT is in immaculate condition and needed very little service to get back to perfect mechanical shape!

Maserati Ghibil Twin Turbo

This beautiful Maserati  Ghibli Twin Turbo is in for inspection and exhaust leak diagnosis. Our expert techs have experience with higher-end models, and have worked on Lotus, Porsche, Maserati, etc!


Thanks Painless Auto for trusting us with this beautiful BMW M4. Our techs took care of performing a full inspection and made sure this M4 can still do the proverbial ”smoky burnout” and chirp the tires between upshifts.


Thanks Painless Auto for trusting us with this beautiful 2017 BMW M2 M Performance 6MT! This M2 is in for recon inspection, brake fluid flush, and diagnostic for a clicking noise!

Our expert tech found debris in and around the brake/hub assembly and cleaned it and relubricated all parts!

Thank you for your business!

2015 BMW 535

Thanks Painless Auto for the trust with another BMW, this 535 came for full inspection and diagnosis for a clicking noise. Our expert techs were able to detect the clicking noise issue coming from the joints and sway and they successfully repaired it.

Thank you for your business!

328i xDrive

The dealership is not always the be all and end all for servicing your vehicle! Our customer Ken who’s BMW 328i xDrive we are servicing had two diagnostics performed by the dealership for oil leaks and check engine light.

Both diagnostics were incorrect!

-Oil leak diag said oil filter housing gasket was leaking, but the valve cover gasket was also leaking.

-The dealer said engine light was for misfire and to replace 2 plugs. Our tech found oil on cyl 5 plug and it actually needed tube seals & valve cover gasket!

Dealer recommendations would not have resolved the issues! Thank you for trusting us to service your car correctly!

BMW 328i

This beautiful 328i received a premium Royal Purple Full Synthetic oil service and inspection for underbody damage from the snow storm recently.


Thanks Naomi for trusting us to continue servicing your car! This BMW X6 is in for a full synthetic oil service and multi point inspection. Plus diagnostics for malfunction light after a long road trip. Thank you for your business!

Mazda Miata

Another marvelous auto! This time a Mazda Miata that came to our shop for a full inspection, our techs made sure this Miata was in optimum condition.

Audi A4

This beautiful A4 came to our shop for a full inspection, in which our techs recommended and replaced steering components for the vehicle to perform perfectly.

MR2 Turbo

Thanks Atreu for trusting with this rare MR2. Our tech performed the much recommended multi-point inspection where he could identify issues to repair. This MR2 got:

  • Brake Hydraulic System Bleed
  • Valve Cover Gasket R&R
  • New Engine Oil
  • Heater Coolant Lines

Cayenne 08

Thanks Painless Auto for trusting us with your inventory recon needs! This beautiful 08 Cayenne S received a multi-point inspection with a computer scan and is getting a coolant flush and washer reservoir replacement along with other diagnostics.

Thank you for your business!

Express 250

This Express 2500 got in for a full tuneup and inspection along with diagnostic for wheel vibration to ensure it will stay reliable for work!

Our Bendpak XPR-AS168LP lifts are 14ft high to accommodate tall vehicles and those with roof racks, boxes, ladders etc!

Major Work

BMW 328i

Thanks Jordan for your vehicle purchase and for trusting our shop for a major preventative service! This 2013 BMW 328i xDrive is getting a new timing chain component kit as the originals chains have been reported to fail prematurely. Complete kit includes new chain, guide rails, tensioners gaskets spark plugs, full syn oil service and much more.

Thank you for your business!

BMW e46

We had a BMW e46 day! Our techs completed final work on a customer’s ZHP, it got new brakes and caliper along with topping off fluids.

BMW 745Li

One of our customers came to us to repair a BMW 745Li. This BMW 745Li came in with multiple issues along with a broken hood cable & release.

We addressed the most critical and got the car back on the road!

  • Full Synthetic Oil Service
  • Multi Point Inspection
  • Brake Fluid flush/bleed
  • Coolant Hose replacement
  • Coolant drain and flush/bleed
  • Hood cable replacement
  • Hood release handle & bracket

BMW 330xi Brake Failure Prevention

One of our customer brought a 330xi for regular service. Our expert technician discovered a tiny tear in the front brake line during inspection. This could have potentially ruptured causing sudden brake failure.

This is why we perform a multi-point inspection on your car every time it comes in for service, no exceptions.

We replaced brake lines on both front brakes along with a brake fluid bleed for safety.

BMW 330i ZHP

Thanks Mike for trusting us again for service on your BMW! This 330i ZHP came in for a loud whirring noise when turning, and our expert techs diagnosed a failing power steering pump. We also recommended replacing all tensioners, pulleys and belts while the work was being done due to mileage on the car.

This 330i ZHP is getting the works to bring it back to tip top shape!

  • Liqui Moly 5W40 Premium Full Synthetic Oil Service
  • Elring valve cover gasket & seal washers
  • NGK Iridium IX spark plugs
  • Elring oil filter housing gasket
  • Brake Fluid Bleed Textar DOT 3 Brake Fluid
  • Front Brake Pads: Textar German
  • Rear Brake Pads: Textar German
  • Front Brake Rotors: Zimmerman Z-Coat German
  • Rear Brake Rotors: Zimmerman Z-Coat German
  • Coolant Service: BMW Coolant
  • Cabin Air Filter: Corteco OEM

X5 4.8i V8

Thanks Austen for trusting us with your BMW! This X5 4.8i V8 is in for an oil cooler tstat, aux water pump/heater valve replacement along with coolant and full syn oil service! Our estimate was much less than Austen’s regular shop while using only BMW OEM parts!

BMW 328I

This BMW came to our shop with an oil leak and low power steering fluid, but it had some other issues that needed repair, such as:

  • E90 Valve Cover Gasket R&R
  • Cabin Air Filter R&R
  • Ignition Coil R&R

Thanks for trusting us Cynthia!

BMW X5 4.8i

This BMW X5 came with some major issues that our techs were able to fix, we were able to give financing options to our customer who is now happy and driving this X5.

  • Engine Oil Cooler Thermostat R&R
  • Aux Water Pump & Heater Control Valve R&R
  • Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch R&R
  • Engine Front Cover Gasket R&R (Upper Right & Left)
  • Engine Coolant System Drain, Complete Flush & Refill
  • Radiator Hose R&R
  • Brake Hydraulic System Bleed


Thanks Monica & Kevin for your vehicle purchase and trusting us to do the right thing when any issue comes up! This beautiful 2013 Q5 had a slightly stretched timing chain that we discovered shortly after purchase, and our expert Audi Certified Advanced Master tech is behind the wrench to ensure a perfect replacement service along with some maintenance items!

We are covering this major preventative service under our 60 day powertrain warranty on late model inventory!

We will do our best to ensure customer satisfaction for our customers who purchase a vehicle from us! Thank you for your business!


Thanks Austen for trusting us for auto service! This beautiful 2015 Q7 is in for rear brake service and received a set of Zimmerman coated rotors with TRW pads/Textar Sensors.

We care about your health and safety, we use seat covers/floor mats, our techs change gloves every time we operate your vehicle, and before returning your vehicle we wipe down all vehicle controls and door handles with Simple Green D Pro 5 Antiviral!

Thank you for your business!

Jaguar S-Type R

Thanks Jair for your vehicle purchase and auto service with us! This beautiful Jaguar S-Type R is receiving new front control arms and transmission fluid/filter service. Thank you for your business!

Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed

This Mazda came to our shop with multiple issues, some of which were hard to diagnose after testing the car several times. Fortunately, our techs were able to identify major issues and repair them:

  • Cylinder Head Gasket R&R
  • Transmission Mount R&R
  • Engine Mount R&R (Right & Rear)
  • Suspension Shock or Strut R&R (Rear & Front)
  • Spark Plugs R&R
  • Water Pump R&R
  • Engine Coolant Thermostat R&R
  • Timing Chain and Gear Set R&R
  • Disc Brake Caliper R&R
  • Power Steering Line R&R
  • Set of 4 tires

Mercedes SLK320 Base

Thanks Arthur for trusting us with this 2001 SLK320 Mercedes! This awesome Mercedes now has:

  • New control center stack
  • New valve gasket R&R
  • Crankshaft Oil
  • Sparkplugs / Ignition Wires
  • Hardtop Seals Reconditioning Service

Mitsubishi Lancer

This precious 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer got major upgrades thanks to our techs tests and diagnosis! This Lancer is now driving with a new oxygen sensor and a new exhaust manifold gasket.

Thank you for trusting us with your auto Angel

Subaru WRX

Thank you Evan for trusting our team and letting us perform major reparations in your Subaru!

This WRX urged clutch maintenance that included flywheel and clutch kit replacements.


This GTI got a fresh full synthetic oil service! Our tech also lowered on coilovers with new sway bar & links, down pipe, and a dog bone mount.

GTI Base

Thanks Cooper for trusting our team with your beloved GTI Base. Our tech was able to identify some issues on the R&R Gasket and on the ground walnut shell. We got it back in perfect shape!

1966 Ford Econoline

Thanks Grant for trusting us with your 1966 Econoline. Our techs showed that age doesn’t matter when it comes to auto repairs, techs were able to diagnose and fix major issues this van had.

  • Carburetor Rebuild
  • Rear Differential Service
  • Fuel filler neck repair

Ford Escape

One of our customers trusted us with the family’s SUV back into safe operational condition! This 2005 Ford Escape came in with multiple issues, engine running rough, random stalling and loss of power. Our expert Techs found many items in poor shape and replaced/repaired them in order to make the vehicle safe to drive!

  • Powertrain computer module repair
  • New spark plugs/ignition coils
  • New injector
  • New intake manifold gaskets
  • New Front/Rear Brake pads with fluid bleeding
  • Repaired wiring to crankshaft position sensor
  • New Crank & Cam sensors
  • New fuel pressure sensor
  • Replaced multiple vacuum lines
  • Adjusted parking brake

Cadillac Catera Base

Thank you Francisco, for trusting us with your Cadillac, our techs successfully replaced the water pump, drive belt, and the power steering pump.

Thank you for your business!


BMW Z435i

Thank you to our customers and fleet customers for keeping us busy! We’re hard at work getting our customers’ cars back on the road!

Thanks Painless Auto for trusting us to work on your awesome Euros! This Z4 35i received a new set of 19in wheels and tires for its new owner!

Mercedes-Benz E300 Bi

Thanks Jimmy for trusting us with your beautiful Benz! This 2017 E300 Bi Turbo is in for a multi point inspection and a new set of 19in tires! Our Ranger RV1 state of the art laser guided installer and LS43B laser spot balancer insures a perfect ride and no wheel damage.

BMW 328i Sport

One customer purchased and serviced his car with us! A great 09 328i M-Sport received two new front Conti ExtremeContact tires and Liqui Moly premium full synthetic oil service.

BMW 328i

Thanks Douglas for selecting us as your tire installer for your order from! This BMW 328i received a new set of Yokohama Ascent A/S tires, with laser guided mount and balance!

Thank you for your business! Check us out on!

BMW 128i

Thanks, Eli for your vehicle purchase and auto service! This BMW 128i sport is receiving a new set of ultra-high-performance tires! Thank you for your business!

Mazdaspeed 3

Thanks Jeremy for trusting us for tires for your Mazdaspeed 3 after your timing chain service! This MS3 had worn tires with chunks missing, and we recommended a new set.

Jeremy went with a new set of Yokohama Advan Ultra High Performance All Season Tires ordered via Tirerack as we are a Tirerack Authorized installer!

Scion xB

This Scion xB came in with damage to one tire, and we were able to have the new replacement ordered and installed within a few hrs from the first contact! Also performed complimentary vehicle inspection!

Toyo Open County

Kevin’s work truck needed new tires, so we mounted and balanced a new set of Toyo Open Country A/T 2 tires! High weight load rated for hauling materials for construction, great traction and ride for safety!

Bendpak Ranger RV1 Laser guided flawless install and LS43B Laser Spot Balanced!

Thank you for your business!

Service & Maintenance

BMW SMG Pump 5

Our techs installed a Genuine BMW SMG pump 5 months ago and unfortunately it failed. We covered this replacement with our limited warranty which covers 50% labor for 1yr, & 100% parts for 2yrs!


2nd day of BMW F30 timing chain service! This involves removing lower subframe, axles, steering rack, transfer case to reach the lower oil pump chain!

Thanks for your patience Jordan while we get all your new parts installed! Thank you for your business!

BMW 328i

Thanks Ken for your family’s vehicle purchase and trusting us for service on your BMW!

Check out the comparison below!

Dealership: $5280.20

Finesse: $2748.34

Our quote included more services performed and BMW OEM or better quality German parts & fluids!

Ken’s son purchased a preowned BMW 335i from us and has been regularly servicing with us. Ken purchased this 2009 BMW 328i xDrive new from the dealer and has serviced with them for 10yrs. When his car needed major service, the quote was very high, and his son recommended he give us a try using our current promo 30% off first regularly priced service!

Thank you for your business!

BMW 335i Thermostat

This 335i was brought for a regular service check, and received a new cooling system overhaul with new water pump & thermostat!

BMW X5 4.4

Thanks James for your vehicle purchase and auto service! This X5 4.4 is in for preventative service, with new water pump, thermostat and drive belt installed! Thank you for your business.


Thanks Will for your vehicle purchase and auto service with us! This 330ci SMG is in for a full synthetic oil service and multi-point inspection along with SMG fluid check! Thank you for your business!

BMW 530i Sport

This BMW 530i Sport received its final step of recommended services with us!

We completed an oil pan gasket replacement which on this vehicle is a labor intensive and delicate service which requires the engine to be held up by the red support bar and the subframe cradle to be lowered.


The details matter! We take customer concerns seriously when they entrust us with their vehicles and strive to resolve and get them back to their owners repaired correctly!

Austen’s X5 was not blowing hot air, and after replacing Aux water pump and heater valve, we purged and bled all air pockets, and verify heat & A/C is getting to all where it needs to go, especially in the rear seat vents! Thank you for your business!

Mini Countryman

We recommended a customer to perform our recommended services! This Countryman S ALL4 got new:

  • Full Synthetic Oil Service
  • Auto Transmission Fluid
  • Transfer Case Fluid
  • Rear Diff Fluid
  • Spark Plugs
  • Ignition Coils
  • Replacement Tail Lamp

GMC Envoy

Thanks Jeremy for trusting us with a big suspension service for your SUV! This GMC Envoy is receiving a rear air spring to coil conversion kit with new shocks to replace the malfunctioning air ride!

Jeremy mentioned he was experiencing loose steering and a squealing noise. Our expert tech performed a multi point inspection and found worn steering tie rod ends, and a worn drive belt causing the issues and we will be replacing those shortly.

Thank you for your business!