Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repairs

Posted Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020


Regardless if its a dry, cold, hot, or rainy season brakes are one of the most important auto components to have serviced regularly. Brake pads usually last about 50,000 miles before compromising the driver’s safety, but pads and rotors durability may differ depending on the pads and rotors’ manufacturer, driving styles, and road conditions. Most auto shops have techs and tools that can easily diagnose if brakes pads or rotors are worn out and need replacement, however, this knowledge is not exclusively for techs. This short blog will give you some signs and common symptoms to help you detect brake issues in your auto.


ABS Light is On

Most autos are equipped with sensors that inform the driver of issues it’s experiencing. The ABS light on the dashboard has the task of analyzing and detecting issues related to brake components. If your ABS light turns on, take it to an experienced shop to successfully diagnose repairs. 

Steering Wheel Vibration When Braking 

This one is an easy one to detect. If your steering wheel vibrates from one side to the other every time you press the brake pedals it’s a clear sign that your car urgently needs brake service, as it’s not safe to drive anymore. 

Leaking Fluid Around the Tires

This one is a highly dangerous symptom of future brake failure if not repaired soon. The noticeable leaking is coming from the master cylinder which possesses all braking power. If the brake fluid is leaking, then it means the cylinder most likely needs a replacement.

Pedals are Extra Soft

When brake pads are not as firm and are losing strength, it’s a clear sign the brake pads in your car are worn out and your auto needs new ones.

Squealing, Squeaking or Grinding Noises

We’ve all been in that situation where your car makes that loud squeaking or grinding noises even you’re gently pressing the brake pedals. Squeaking is an easy sign to spot as it’s impossible to ignore due to the loud noise it causes. Fortunately, this noise most times is repaired with new brake pads and/or rotors.


Taking Longer to Fully Stop

Most drivers usually use breaks with some distance in advance to avoid crashes and tire problems. If your car starts taking longer and pedals to need to be pushed with more pressure then you need to take your auto to your trusted shop to get new pads.  


These signs are the easiest to spot for any driver, however, we advise to regularly service and maintain your auto to prevent damage and failures that could cost tragedies. Our experienced techs have prevented brake failures on autos that only did one or two of the symptoms above, don't believe us? Check out our Portfolio. We use the latest techniques to service autos and take care of our customers by constantly updating them via text and email with video and photo proof of inspections, diagnosis, and repairs.  Book your service online now!