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Servicing your vehicle doesn’t need to be a tedious and time consuming process. When you bring your vehicle to Finesse Auto you can just relax, we have everything under control. We offer quality complete auto service for all passenger and light duty vehicles, and specialize in European makes such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Mini among others.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • We have a streamlined and efficient process in place to keep you updated in real time while your vehicle is with us.  Transparency is what we strive for. Your vehicle is important to us and we believe in providing excellent service both for your car and for you, our customer.


  • We provide detailed itemized estimates before you authorize us to start work on your vehicle.

While In Service

  • Progress updates with photos are provided on services so you know how work is progressing on your car, and with our cloud based platform, you can contact us via text/email at any time.


  • All invoices, messages, photos and inspections are stored in the cloud indefinitely for future reference, no more digging around the glovebox to see if the air filter was replaced 2 years ago.  We are integrated with Carfax to update your vehicle’s history report once your service is complete.  Your message/email links will always stay active, and you can always contact us with questions or concerns at any time.

Next Service?

  • Our team will send a friendly reminder via text/email when your next regular service is due. No more overdue auto maintenance!


  • You can easily contact us and book an appointment using the form below, via social media or by calling us.


  • Finesse Auto is committed to making our customers lives more convenient by streamlining Auto Service!

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