Michelle Thompson (Google)

Super place, very helpful, nice people. Test drove a BMW, in an hour or less we were driving away. Fin is the owner and took care of everything for us. Highly recommend this dealership.

Michelle Thompson

Laura Putt (Google)

My husband and I just purchased a X5 for myself and Fin was awesome ! Took great care of us and happy with my vehicle! Any questions we had, he was more than happy to answer and walk me through my new vechicle before we drove off. Thank you !

Laura Putt

Aaron Wheleer (Google)

UPDATE: I had our car serviced for an oil change and exterior light at Fin's since they now have a full garage, and it went perfectly. His pricing is generous and the work was all done diligently and quickly! No issues and it's been a week since he did the work. Routine but essential and I'm, again, super impressed. BACK WHEN WE BOUGHT THE CAR: Fin and Jake are the most caring and thoughtful car experts I have ever met. We just bought a 2007 BMW x3 with 100k+ miles from Fin and, after a 1000-mile drive down to Nor Cal, I can report that it drove like a charm. We started this out by searching for Subarus at a few really skeezy places, when we saw their site on CarGurus. I was skeptical of the reviews but we went in to check out the cars. It's a small lot, but boy, do they curate and refinish these cars. We immediately loved the BMW and Fin and Jake told us all about their conversion from Subarus. Though we were skeptical, after a lot of research, everything they said checked out. And they knew WAY more than most internet sources could provide. How I knew they were trustworthy: - They let us keep the car and drive it over the weekend and then some. I have NEVER heard of this before - most dealers won't let you take it overnight, and some not at all. - I had an independent mechanic take a look. They mentioned some of the stuff that Fin specifically called out beforehand, though they made it sound more urgent. After sharing the report with Fin, he immediately offered to do that work for us before we bought. - Fin loves data. He shared a very thorough report of how he tests oil quality and gave us a precise recommendation, with all the details from the niche laboratory he uses for personal testing. - These guys LOVE CARS. I learned more about the details of BMWs, Subarus, and cars in general our conversations than I learned in my year-long research online (maybe I suck at learning about cars!) - Fin loves his customers. He spent more than a few hours chatting with me and giving me excellent advice across the board. You can tell that when he cares about something, he is extremely diligent about learning as much as possible about it and doing it right. In short, from now on, I'm referring all of my friends and family to Fin for buying cars and getting work done. I've never trusted a car expert more. Thanks so much y'all!

Aaron Wheleer

Thomas Furlong (Google)

I was interested in a Mini, but couldn't put together finance's over the weekend. I was worried he would sell to the next buyer. He saved it for me. Very happy with the car.

Thomas Furlong

Jordan M. (Yelp)

Just purchased a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT wagon from Finesse Auto Sales in Georgetown. This is my eigth vehicle, and I was looking for something specific. This has BY FAR been the BEST car buying experience I have ever had. I found the car on Cars.com and decided to go check it out. I called to make sure it was still on the lot and spoke with the owner Fin. I am a car guy so it was nice to work with someone that also appreciates cars and knows what they're talking about. A lot of used car dealers out there are just trying to make a commission and they will say whatever to make a sale. My experience at Finesse was nothing like this at all. Fin gad the cat pulled out and ready for me. Let me go over everything myself and take it on a long test drive alone. I fell in love with the car, and decided to buy. Talking with Fin, it was very clear that he loves what he does and isn't trying to put anyone in a vehicle they don't love. The subaru was on consignment and Fin helped talk down the owner to a price I felt comfortable with and the whole process was very smooth. Half the time during the buying process we were talking about other cars we like and it just felt as if he was a long time friend helping me get a car. I would recommend Finesse to anyone looking to get a great vehicle at a good price. This is definitely the first place I will be sending my friends and returning to once I decide its time for something new. THANKS FIN!

Jordan M.

Austin Fastidio (Google)

I was referred to Finesse Auto by a friend who was doing the work on the car I bought. He thought I might be interested in it and told me to get in touch with Fin. Fin is the coolest guy. He has been incredibly helpful: from making sure the work was done by a reputable garage (and that the appropriate repair work was done at all), to recommending me to the best potential lender, to working with me to make sure that everything goes smoothly as I transition into a new vehicle. Not only am I happy with my car but I'm very happy with who I bought it from. He is honest (recommended by a friend for being just that, actually) and upstanding; he is easy to get ahold of and is typically very responsive; he does not cut corners at your expense and he deserves your business because he will really take care of you. Very high quality car buying experience.

Austin Fastidio

Michael R. (Yelp)

I purchased a 2012 Audi Q5 from Fin.  It was a good deal as far as price. Fin was easy to work with and the vehicle had a clean carfax.  I had the vehicle checked and there were a few oil leaks.  Fin took care of the oil leaks and the car drives great.  I would purchase another car from Fin in the future.

Michael R.

Lorenz N. (Yelp)

The owner of Finesse Auto Sales is very friendly and wants to make sure you get the car that you are looking for. I just purchased a car from here that was exactly as advertised, no surprises. He went over everything in great detail and made sure i paid the best price as possible for my new car. He was sure to show me all the good, and the bad, full disclosure, no up-selling.  When i am in the market for a new vehicle, i know who i will be contacting.


Lorenz N.

Aaron Burks (Google)

We highly recommend Finesse Auto Sales and the owner, Fin! My daughter is a full-time college student at WWU who also works two jobs. Her car died and we needed to find an inexpensive, but reliable replacement quickly while she was home for the weekend. We found a car that looked good on Craigslist and went to take a look. Finesse Auto Sales is a small lot in the industrial part of South Seattle. It doesn’t look like much, but that’s probably good (think low overhead), and we are happy we found Finesse. Fin is the opposite of all the stereotypes of bad used car salespeople. He is very laid back, no pressure, helpful, knowledgeable, and really puts you at ease. He quickly allowed me to drop my defenses made us both feel very comfortable. We test drove the car, asked many questions, and spent some time going through the car. Fin was patient and helpful through the entire process. He knows cars well and is happy to share his knowledge or find answers if needed. Jake works with Fin and goes through the cars and does basic maintenance and repairs. He is also a full-time teacher and was a pleasure to work with as well. Fin and Jake were happy to quickly take care of a couple minor requests we had. We purchased the car and we were happy with the entire process. When we had a follow up request for Fin a few weeks later, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out. I have been telling family and friends, when they need a new pre-owned car, go see Fin! I am in the customer service business, and sadly, I rarely run across people that seem to truly care about their customers, but Fin and Jake made us feel that they are very focused on making their customers happy!

Aaron Burks

Benjamin H. (Yelp)

I recently found a 2004 mini cooper that was in fantastic condition and decided to contact Fin to inquire about the car. The entire experience was completely wonderful, hassle and never caused me to feel pressured to commit to buying the car. His prices were reasonable, and I could tell he was just an honest salesman all around. He even offered to throw in a limited warranty, just cause, for peace of mind since he noticed we were hesitant about buying our first car from an earlier experience with a dealer. I would 100%, recommend him and his business to any friend or family member who is looking for a car in the future. Thank you for everything Fin!

Useful 2

Benjamin H.

Lisa M. (Yelp)

Came in for an oil change. Took a bit longer than estimated because they checked everything - tires, top off fluids, lights etc. but Fin made sure to keep me updated. Will definitely be back whenever my car needs service.

Lisa M.

John Doe

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Ryan Montazeri (Google)

Great experience, fast service, and honest business man. Mr. Yang keeps his word. I felt comfortable buying a car from him because he has his own mechanic shop on site. He assured me that this car has no mechanical problems. I’m very happy with the service and the car is excellent!

Ryan Montazeri

Chris H. (Yelp)

As someone who references Yelp for all major purchases (such as a car), I figured it is only fair to come here and share my experience. This was an outstanding transaction and I would highly recommend taking a look at their selection! I just bought a 2003 Kia Spectra. From the moment I sent an email requesting information to the time I drove off the lot, there was always quick and simple communication. When I noticed there was a clerical error with the AutoCheck information on the cars listing page, Fin responded to me immediately and even sent the entire AutoCheck report directly to me. There was never any pressure to make the purchase and Fin was very straightforward with all the info about the car. I had no problems taking a test drive and was very pleased by the condition the car was in when I arrived. I would highly recommend Finesse if youre looking for a new car. I know I'll be going back if I ever want to upgrade my ride 🙂

Chris H.

Kevin Urie (Google)

Didn't buy a car there as someone else beat me to it. That said their service and communication was insane let alone for a used car dealer. Hope to do business with someday and will reccomend to others.

Kevin Urie

Kizzie D. (Yelp)

Shopping for my first car has been a very stressful and long process. After having terrible experiences with used car dealerships my family and I decided that it would be best to buy from a private owner. Unfortunately none of the cars we saw were worth the amount of time we spent driving everywhere to look at each individual car. While looking on craigslist I saw an AD that lead me to Fin, who came off as a honest business owner. This ultimately lead us to come into Finesse. Not only was he willing to give us all of the information of the car that he was aware of but also made accommodations for several request that my family made. He definitely went above and beyond my expectations and I would buy another used car from him again.

Kizzie D.

Mark Doe

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Mike Carney (Google)

Although I don't typically take the time to write reviews, I want to do my part to help honest businesses that take an active interest in customer service. You will not regret having your car serviced by Finesse Auto. Here are the bullets: * After getting a quote from another shop for $2929, Fingal at Finesse beat that by over 40% with a bid of $1742. His bid detailed parts that were superior in quality to the higher quote. The price was better than fair and they took a genuine interest in my BMW 330i ZHP. * The owner was in constant communication via text/Facebook Messenger, sending dozens of photos AND videos showing progress, side-by-side shots of old and new parts, giving me options and cutting me discounts throughout the whole process. It was like a photo shoot for a repair manual! Incredible. * They provided me with a clean loaner car. * Their shop is squeaky clean, they use up to date equipment including a tire mounting machine for low profile tires. * These guys live and breathe cars and take pride in their work. The owner introduced me to the mechanics who were all smiles. * They caught a leak in my washer fluid on the last day but since I needed to use my car and the part wouldn't arrive for a couple days I decided to pass on that repair. They were able to use Teflon tape to temporarily seal it up at no charge. * Their office is tidy and they have good coffee if you find yourself waiting. There are several other things I could mention but the takeaway is that these guys will take care of you. If you need a good mechanic in Seattle you can stop looking right now. If you have a mechanic already, I promise you will be happier here. Apparently they also sell vehicles, which I would gladly trust them in that department as well. They set a new bar for customer service and fairness in an industry known to nickel and dime and I hope other shops take notice and follow suit. Thank you Fin Wang and your crew at Finesse Auto -- I wish you great success!

Mike Carney

Rene R. (Yelp)

I was looking for a daily driver car, since my current car is very expensive to maintain and operate on a day to day basis. Fingal has a good selection of cars on hand, and when I asked him to find me something he didn't have on the lot, he was quick to do so! Located the exact car I was looking for (A 2004-2006 Forester) in a day. The thing I was most impressed with was that he came across as honest and caring, and looking out for my best interests. I'd strongly recommend Finesse Auto Sales. Finn reminded me of that auto mechanic that you trust to give you want you want (or need) at an honest and fair price, instead of overcharging you for something you don't need or suggesting something you can't afford.

Rene R.

Kaili C.

Looking for a car for my older sister we found a 2004 Honda Civic on line.  It was a small dealer in Seattle but the car was exactly what she wanted. We worked the price out and made an appointment. When we showed up the car was nice and clean the sales person supper friendly. Easiest car we ever bough we were out of there in less that 45 minutes. I would really recommend them for a good used car. Location wasn't hard to find.

Kaili C.

Jeremy Muller (Google)

I can't recommend Finesse enough! They have a cool, small collection of good cars for sale, but I've actually had two fantastic experiences with their service team! I first took my SUV to them to get the failed airbag suspension replaced with traditional shocks. They replaced the tie rods as well. Their communication is so great - they took pictures of every step of the job and checked in with me while they completed the work. I've never experienced mechanics who are so transparent and honest. Their customer service is superb! Also, they gave me a 30% discount as a new customer, on top of already very reasonable prices. My SUV handles so much better now too! So a few weeks later, I brought my other car to them, which needed much more work. It needed a new timing chain, water pump, thermostat, tires, and some suspension and brake work. Again, they took super good care of me. They took pictures and communicated well throughout the process. They source quality parts, do excellent work, and their labor is very fair. And they have an extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy team! I'm happy to say I've finally found an auto shop that I trust, and I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come!

Jeremy Muller

Nyuki S. (Yelp)

I am so happy to find this car dealer. Fin is very friendly and honest. We can trust him. Their selection is very unique so it is fun just for visiting. Also they can find car what you want as well. Price is very affordable, I got my car way better price than kbb!

Nyuki S.